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Winegard LNA 200 TV Antenna Preamplifier-Booster

Ultra Low Noise Preamplifier Delivers Ultimate Digital TV Picture and Sound Quality.

Winegard Boost XT LNA 200 mast mounted preamplifier

Winegard Boost XT LNA 200 preamplifier accessories

Above: Mast mounted Boost XT
 LNA 200 preamplifier unit.

Above: Power supply, power inserter,
USB cable and rubber boots.

The LNA 200 Preamplifier with TwinAmp Technology separately amplifies VHF and UHF signals for maximum performance on any non-amplified outdoor antenna.

Ultra Low Noise Preamplifier Delivers Ultimate Digital TV Picture and Sound Quality

Boost XT outdoor preamplifier works with any passive outdoor TV antenna and extends the signal range. What sets the Boost XT apart from other preamplifier's is that it boasts a true dual-path design with separate filtering and amplification paths for both frequencies, which greatly enhances signal selectivity and reduces noise and interference to the lowest levels of any product in this category, thanks to our revolutionary Clear Circuit Technology™ and TwinAmp Technology™.

Price $59.95



  1. Gain: 20 dB L-VHF, 15 dB H-VHF, 16.5 dB UHF

  2. Noise Figure: 3 dB VHF, 1 dB UHF
    Power: USB +5 volts at 130mA

  3. Includes: Preamplifier, USB power cable, 110V adapter, power inserter, weather boots.

  4. Powered through coax connection - no additional electrical wiring required.

  5. Gain: 18 dB

  6. Ultra low noise figure – 1.0 dB typical
    Power: +5 volts

  7. Energy saving USB power supply with LED power indicator

Denny - Your TV antenna mast mount pre-amplifiers --- How are preamplifier's powered ? --- I don't see any easy way to get 120VAC up to an antenna if they are AC powered.
Paul, TV antenna Preamplifier's are two part units. The mast mounted preamplifier and the indoor power injector. The power injector is located indoors and requires an electrical outlet. The coax cable down lead from the mast mounted preamplifier feeds into and out of the indoor power injector. The power injector converts the 120V electricity to low voltage DC inserts it into the coax cable and sends it up the cable to supply the preamplifier operating power.
The answer is, the mast mounted preamplifier receives its power via the coax cable from the indoor power injector. Signal splitters should not be installed in line between the mast mounted preamplifier.

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