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MILEAGE AS OF 1-30-07  506,210

Your website says the mileage is 506,210 as of 1-30-07, its now November.  What is the mileage now?

Hi Johnny,

Unfortunately we made the decision to take the Custom Cruiser off the road for now. My son Tony has taken over the installation portion of the business and decided the better gas mileage of our 87 Ford Country Squire wagon we own, with 312.00 miles on it, would be a better choice. He hated to do it but I can't blame him. The Olds managed about 14.5 MPG with the ladders and rack on it, about 16 MPG without. The Ford gets about 22 MPG with the ladders and rack. Driving about a thousand miles a week and gas at about $3.00 Gal. can make quite a big difference at the pump. The car still runs good and has about 512.000 mile on it now. We haven't decided exactly what we are gonna do with it yet. The body is getting bad so were considering transferring the engine to another vehicle and continue adding up the miles. Who knows maybe we can beat the record at somewhere near 660,000 miles. I checked and as long as we don't do any engine rebuilding, we can transfer the engine and still go for the record.
I've been gonna put this info. on the website, I'll probably use this email to do so. I will of course keep your last name confidential.

Local News 

When the car had around 300,000 miles on it, Denny, his wife Rhonda, and friends were at a campfire and discussing how far the moon was. The conclusion was 500,000 miles there and back.

"I then decided 'My car has been to the moon. I need to bring it back,'“ Duplessis said.

His goal is 500,000 miles. Duplessis estimates it will take some time, especially with most of his business, Denny's TV Antenna Service, being local now.

"I used to average around 1,500 miles a week,“ Duplessis said. "Now that we are known, it's about 400.“

It was pure luck when Duplessis found his current wagon about 15 years ago, after being in the market for a good used vehicle. He was headed to work, missed his turn, and the driveway he chose to turn around in had the car hidden in the driveway.

"I knocked on the door and bought it right there,“ Duplessis said. "It had 168,000 miles on it and was in really nice shape.“

However, with an additional 322,000 or so miles on it and years of Michigan weather, the car has began to rust and the body does not look so good.

"I have only had to do regular maintenance to it,“ Duplessis said. "The internal parts of the engine have never been worked on.“

The only time it has ever stranded the Duplessis family is when Duplessis ran out of gas.

He hasn't had a car payment since 1980 and estimated he's spent about $3,000 on maintenance costs during that time. The Duplessis family of five considers the old station wagon their all-time favorite family car.

"One of the only reasons I will ever quit driving it is because of the rust,“ Duplessis said. "I will always have my eye open for another one.“



490,000 miles? No problem for this car



Denny Duplessis of Ithaca is on his way home from the moon, riding in his 1973 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser station wagon.


Q. What kind of oil do you use?

A. When I bought the car it had Quaker State motor oil in it. I continued to use Quaker State and it has had approximately 100 oil changes since I have own it.

Q. How long have you own the car?

A. I purchased the car in 1989.

Q. How many miles was on it when you bought it?

A. It had 168,000 miles and some change.

Q Is it the Original engine?

A. Yes

Q. What engine is it?

A. Oldsmobile 455 Cu. In. Rocket.

Q. How many repairs have you had to perform?

A. Not many. No Major repairs have been preformed on the engine. Minor repairs include, five mufflers, three water pumps, three starters, one carburetor, one radiator, and two or three alternators. I  purchase everything I  can with a lifetime warranty. Our local Midas shop has been wonderful. They have replaced the brake pads free of charge nine times, and the muffler five times. It is also on its sixth set of tires since I have own it.

Q. How long will you keep driving it?

A. My original goals was to reach 500,000 miles and retire it. As that time has neared I am having second thoughts. It's still running so good it's hard to stop. The body is getting pretty rusty. I just had it to our local repair shop to fix a leaking gas line. While it was their I had them inspect it for safety issues. They said it was still safe to drive at this time. My sons want me to have the engine put into another car to see how many miles the engine can go. I'm thinking about it.

Q. Are you the original owner?

A. No, I'm the second owner. Prior to me, it was owned by an elderly couple who used it to pull a travel trailer to Florida every year.

Q. What is the mileage record?

A. The domestic record for a gas engine passenger car is 668,000 miles. This record is held by a Cadillac Elderado with a similar big block G.M. motor.

Q. Do you think you can beat the record?

A. Yes, If I can keep the body together or move the engine to a different car. 

Q. How much did you pay for the car?

A. It was in very good shape when I bought it. The asking price was $1,500 I thought that was a fair price so I didn't even dicker with the owner, I just bought it.

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