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HD Digital TV Antennas

The finest TV antennas available. Including the EZ HD and HD Stacker plus
Winegard and Channel Master HD, digital TV antennas. Directional and omni-directional antennas

TV Antenna Installation Guidelines

The Truth about 4K TV antennas

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EZ HD VHF/UHF/FM Digital HD TV antenna

EZ HD TV Antenna

Best performing antenna in its class

Short to medium range antenna
Length: 35.16"  50 mile range

Read Review EZ HD antenna

Quality built in the USA  American Flag

 EZ HD antenna more details  
Buy Now EZ HD TV antenna

Hd Stacker VHF/UHF/FM Digital HD TV antenna

HD Stacker TV Antenna
Best for weak signal

A unique Stacked design offers better performance in a smaller size.

Long Range directional antenna
Length: 70"
Read reviews HD Stacker antenna

Google Reviews

Quality built in the USA  American Flag More details HD Stacker antenna
Buy Now HD Stacker TV antenna


Starting from scratch?
Complete HD Stacker installation kits

Long Range UHF outdoor/attic TV Antenna

U2000 Long Range
UHF TV Antenna

Specifically designed to capture weak UHF TV signals

More details about the U2000 UHF TV antenna


Buy U2000 UHF TV antenna

Digital HD omnidirectional TV antenna

Omnidirectional TV Antenna
   Digital HD TV Reception

360 degree HD digital omnidirectional
TV antenna with preamplifier
- LTE rejection filter
- Smartpass preamplifier.
Ideal for local HD digital TV reception.

More details about the digital HD omnidirectional TV antenna
Buy the digital HD omnidirectional TV antenna


Indoor/Outdoor flat panel TV antenna

Mounts outdoors to mast pipe or J pole

Antop 403B Flat Panel Antenna
Indoor/Outdoor VHF/UHF

The 403B can be mounted outdoors or indoors using the antenna stand included with the antenna. The 403B past our testing and we rate it at 50 mile reliable reception when mounted outdoors above the roofline.

Comes complete with smartpass preamplifier and LTE filter.

More details about the 403b TV antenna

Buy antop 403b antenna


Winegard HD 8200U VHF/UHF/FM Digital HD TV antenna

Winegard HD 8200U TV antenna

Length: 168.25"  Range 80 plus miles

Larger Image


More details HD 8200U

Buy HD 8200U TV antenna

Custom Engineered Connector PEI-Genesis

PEI-Genesis is a global leader in the design and assembly of custom engineered connectors and cable solutions for harsh environments. PEI partners with customers to design engineered solutions that meet specific application requirements and then delivers with speed, service and consistent quality that is unmatched in the industry.

MS 2000 VHF/UHF omnidirectional Digital HDTV antenna

MS 2002 Omnidirectional TV Antenna

Omnidirectional design receives signals from all directions. With built-in preamplifier

22" Diameter  Range 20 to 40 miles

  Model: MS 2002

Omnidirection VHF/UHF digital TV reception

Winegard HD 7082P VHF/UHF/FM Digital HD TV antenna

More information HD 7080P


Wnnegard HD 7084P VHF/UHF/FM Digital HD TV antenna

 More details HD 7084P


Winegard HD 7697P High band VHF/UH/FM Digital HD TV antennaWinegharg HD 7697P High Band VHF/UHF FM antenna

Winegrad HD 7697P TV Antenna
High Band VHF/UHF FM Digital HDTV

Length: 131"  Range: 70 to 80 miles

Larger Image

More details Hd 7697P


Winegard HD 7698P High Band VHF/UHF/FM Digital HD TV antenna

Winegard HD 7698P TV antenna
High Band VHF/UHF/FM Digital HDTV

Length: 168.25"  Range 80 plus miles

Larger Image

Channel Master 4220HD UHF Digital HD TV antenna

Channel Master 4220HD
TV antenna

Performs best for UHF signal reception

5 x 20 x 17 in.

Range 45 miles

Mounts easily to a J pole mount


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