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Mounting Brackets - Tripods - Eave mount - Chimney mount - Wall Brackets

Antenna mounting hardware made in the USA

All items carry our exclusive 90 day satisfaction guarantee or your money back

I want to know about Antenna Mounts >
At the link above learn all about antenna Mounts and How to Install them.

TV antenna tripod roof mount

TV Antenna 3 Foot TV antenna roof mount

Made in the USA.

Tripod Details >

3 foot Tripod antenna mount

HEAVY DUTY 5 Foot TV antenna tripod roof mount   

Made in the USA. 

Tripod Details >

5 foot Tripod antenna mount

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How to install a TV antenna tripod >

Made in USA TV Antenna Tripod Roof Mount Made in the USA


TV Antenna Eave Mount   

Made in the USA

Eave antenna mount

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How to install a TV antenna Eave Mount >

Made in USA TV Antenna Eave Mount Made in the USA

TV antenna sloped roof tri mast mountTri mast - Sloped roof TV Antenna mount

5 foot sloped roof mount Tri mast mount

Made in the USA.

More Details >

Sloped roof antenna mount

Made in USA United States flag

     TV Antenna CHIMNEY MOUNT Kit     

2) Chimney mounting brackets
2) 18' Stainless steel support straps. 


Chimney antenna mount

Made in USA TV Antenna Chimney Roof Mount. Made in the USA

Chimney mount antenna bracket

TV Antenna 4 inch wall bracket
       TV Antenna  WALL Mount Brackets
  Antenna mast wall mount


4" WB-4 $17.00 pr. Buy Now
6" WB-6 $19.00 pr. Buy Now
8" WB-8 $23.00 pr. Buy Now
12" WB-12 $27.00 pr. Buy Now
18" WB-18 $29.00 pr. Buy Now
24" WB-24 $38.00 pr. Buy Now

FREE Shipping

 TV Antenna Wall Brackets. Made in the USATV Antenna Wall Brackets. Made in the USA.

Made in USA











12 wall brackets


18" J pole mount
Suitable for smaller antennas

$26.00                 Buy Now


36" J pole mount

Swivel base adjust to any angle surface

Includes lag screws and roof sealing pads

$39.00                 Buy Now

J pole Handy Bracket mount

This handy bracket allows you to mount a J pole mount to the fascia board of just 4 inches in height.

Designed to pivot in the center, this mount can be used at any pitch or angle. Simply attach this mount to the eave of a building, making sure the lag bolts are secured.

It's adjustable for mounting your J pole on an angled roof overhang. Allows you to mount your J pole straight, giving a professional appearance.

Sturdy high-quality construction Includes Hardware Kit

$19.75                 Buy Now

TV antenna mast pipe

TV Antenna MAST PIPE     
5 FT. X 1.25 INCHES 



MP-05   Price: $28.00>>>Buy Now

Why settle for inferior TV antenna mounts imported from China. We offer only the highest quality made in the USA TV antenna mounts. Be sure to visit the "How to install a TV antenna tripod roof mount >", "How to install a TV antenna eave mount >" and the chimney TV antenna mount kit photo gallery

All of TV antenna mounts we offer come with the necessary lag screws and roof sealing pads to complete the installation. In my 30 years of professional installing I always used the same roof sealing pads that we offer today. After installing over 1,000 tripod roof mounts I never received a single complaint from a customer that claimed the tripod roof mount cause a leak in the roof. That's true and truly incredible. Do not install the tripod mount when the roof is wet. Wait for the roof to dry for the absolute best seal. A dry roof surface allows the TV antenna roof mounting seal pads to really adhere to the roof shingle virtually eliminating any chance of a leak.

When installing a TV antenna mount always pre-drill a hole before installing the mounting screws. The hole for the screw should be the size of the solid shaft of the screw. This reduces the pressure on the wood as the screw goes in and allows the threads of the screw to really dig into the wood without over pressuring and splitting the wood.

BTW. Every TV antenna roof mounts is covered by our 90 day money back guarantee. View our guarantee here >. It's a pretty simple guarantee. 1. Return the TV antenna roof mount in it's original package. 2. Include a copy of the receipt. 3. Send it to Denny's TV Antenna Sales 3758 W. Washington Rd. Ithaca, Mi. 48847. 4. When the TV antenna mount arrives here a full refund will be credited back to the Credit Card or Pay pal account that was used to make the purchase. RMA numbers are not required. Customer does pay the return shipping charges of the antenna mounting kit .

Bottom line is this! Buy a quality TV antenna mount >. Install it properly and it will provide you with years of safe and reliable service.

Have a question about TV antenna mounts???

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