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TV Antennas
VHF/UHF/HD antennas, UHF antennas, and FM antennas

Rotor Free TV Antenna
Round Rotorless TV Antenna

EZ HD TV antenna.
This antenna has become one of the best selling TV antennas in America. Because of its performance in relationship to its size it has become a favorite choice for many. EZ HDTV antenna reviews

HD Stacker TV Antenna
The HD Stacker is one of the best performing VHF UHF antennas on the market.

Pre-Amplifiers (TV antenna signal boosters)
Find top quality antenna amplifiers from Winegard and Channel Master

Rotators (rotors)
Channel Master 9521A with remote control 

3 & 5 foot tripods
Eave Mount (non roof penetrating)
Chimney Mount (straps around chimney)
4 to 18 inch wall brackets
Mast Pipe (5 foot)

Coax Cable, Tools and Accessories
Coax Cable (lead-in Wire)
Coax Cable End Connectors
Crimping Tool
Coax Cable Connection Weatherproofing
Cable Fasteners

Rotor Control Wire
Signal Splitters 2,3,4,6, and 8 outlets
Double male cable connector (barrel connector)
Grounding Block
Ground Wire

Everything you need to cut, strip, ground and install an antenna wiring system just like a pro. Save $29.73


Distribution Amplifiers
Provide signal amplification for multiple outlet television antenna systems


   "I have to commend you on your products and information page. I came into your website with no prior knowledge of TV antenna installation. I spent nearly 3 hours on the P & I pages. I now feel I can install my own antenna system with professional results. I started at the top of the information column and clicked on each link. When I was finished on that page, I would back click, so I could click on the next subject link. You should call it the University of TV Antenna, UTA. Thanks for all the great info." Bob
Kansas City, Kansas

Digital TV Antenna Selector.
Try our interactive digital TV antenna selector. It's easy and it's accurate!

TV Antenna Basic Installation Guidelines

150 Mile Range Antenna

TV Antenna Troubleshooting

Select and Install a Quality TV Antenna System
Everything you need to know about TV antenna selection, What kind and size of antenna. Choosing amplifiers, mounts etc... and how to install your equipment.

Everything needed to install a TV antenna

TV Antenna Range
Facts you should know about TV antenna reception and TV signal characteristics

TV Antenna Attic Installation
How to get the most out of your attic mounted TV antenna.

Understanding Over the Air digital/HD reception

Better Digital TV Reception

Convert Cable TV Wiring for Antenna


Best performing VHF/UHF TV Antenna

Best HDTV Antenna

Better VHF TV Reception

Ask Denny Questions & Answers
Many people tell us these are the most informative pages on the website. Starting on the home page these are actual question asked by visitor and answered by Denny.

Ask Denny Starts on the lower half of the Home Page

More TV antenna Q & A's

TV Antenna Recommendations by State 
View actual visitor antenna recommendation requests and Denny's answer. Organized by State, City and zip code.

Our Product Guarantee
90 day 100% money back guarantee.

TV Antenna selection 
Provided by Channel Master this page provides information to aide in the selection of the proper TV antenna.

Selecting a Pre-Amplifier
Written by Denny this page provides information pertaining to the selection and understanding of a mast mounted pre-amplifier. There is also some excellent information on this subject on the home page in the ask Denny section called pre-amplifier basics.

Mast Mounted Pre-Amplifiers
This page discusses the installation and use of TV antenna pre-amplifiers.

TV Antenna Rotor Installation
Information pertaining to the installation of a TV antenna rotator.

Rotor Tips

How to Install a Tripod
Step by step information and images on proper tripod installation procedure.

How to Install a Eave Mount
Step by step information and images on proper eave mount installation procedures.

Tools, Mast and Hardware
This page discusses the tools required to install a TV antenna system and the different types of antenna mounts and how to install them.

Selecting and Installing Coax Cable
Learn the basics of installing TV antenna transmission line

How to Install Coax Cable End Connectors

Multiple Set Reception
Installing a whole house television antenna system.

TV Antenna Troubleshooting
Provides useful information to troubleshoot common television reception problems. 

TVs Digital Transition

High Definition Blog by Richard Binckley
Defining High Definition
Find excellent advice pertaining to: HDTV, Over the air
TV antennas, Home owners association,
The Telecommunications Act of 1996
Physics, miles rating, secondary signals, outdoor
antennas, amplifiers and much, much more... 

Antenna Index
TV antenna fundamentals, installation tips and interference information. 

CNET Weekend Project
Watch free HDTV with an outdoor antenna

Erecting An Antenna
Information on TV antenna selection, installation, accessories and glossary of terms.

Channel Master
TV antennas and accessories

VHF UHF antenna
What is a VHF UHF antenna

Amplified TV Antenna

Power Electronics
Power Electronics News offers electrical engineering news focused on Power and Power solutions. Up to date solutions and products featuring the latest innovations in power solutions.

Discover the secrets of good TV reception.
Good TV reception isn't luck it's science. Free to Air TV is available to 96% of the United States population. It's reliable, the results are long lasting and the money saved can be substantial.

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