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4k TV Antenna

There's no such thing as a 4k TV antenna!.                                                                                         01/04/2018

It's happening all over again. When broadcast TV made the switch from analog to digital signals about 10 years ago it was said by many, you need an HDTV antenna. In 2005 I wrote a page explaining that there's no such thing as an HDTV antenna. The page is called "HDTV Antenna Fact or Fiction" and is still visited many times a day by visitors to our website. Still thousands of consumers rushed out and bought antennas claiming to be HDTV antennas replacing perfectly good antennas that did not need to be replaced.

The 4k broadcasting is coming over the next few years. It is tentatively scheduled to begin this spring in Phoenix. A new 4k TV antenna will not be needed. Pay no attention to any reference claiming better 4k reception performance.

Bottom line. There's no such thing as a 4k TV antenna. Any TV antenna claim to perform better because it's a 4k TV antenna is a scam.

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Your complete guide to TV antenna installation
This page is a must for anyone who plans to install a TV antenna. Here you'll find, TV antenna assembly, proper preamplifier installation, Attic installation, antenna aiming, multiple TV hook up, antenna mount installation, coax cable fittings, grounding, antenna range and much more.

4K Broadcast TV Resources

Phoenix will be first to get next-gen TV  4k-broadcast TV is coming to phoenix first.
TV viewers in Phoenix will be the first in the country to experience
next-generation television broadcasting that promises more channels,
better signal quality and support for 4K video.

The FCC Gives 4K, next-gen TV the Green light
Expect 4K to offer better reception and new services and features.

Free Over-the-Air TV Is Going to Get Even Better
A new TV standard will support 4K video and mobile devices

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