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Analyzing TV antenna reception

Denny, How do you determine which antenna is best for all the different locations in the Country?

Thanks, Theodore M.

Good question! Here's how...

The first thing I need is ample information provide by you. We provide a TV antenna recommendation page requesting particular information that is needed to make an accurate prediction. This allows me to provide you with accurate information about what products will work and what you can expect.

Once I have your information and before I do anything else I make certain I have pin pointed your exact location. Then I retrieve things like, TV transmitter output power and frequency, broadcast antenna elevation, I look at a geographical map showing the terrain and land elevations between your location and the transmitters. I check the forestry conditions in the area along with satellite viewing to determine if there may be a building or structure in the line of sight to the TV transmitting towers. I also check TV transmitter directions and what networks are available in your area.

The most important thing I do is I check our data base. We created an (in house) data base that retrieves customer submitted reception reports from all across the USA. All I do is give the program your zip code and it shows me actual real reception reports from locations nearest to you. This data base is over 10,000 reports strong and continues to grow. I wish I could personally thank every person from everywhere who has taking the time to submit a reception report. 

Theodore, I've put a lot of effort into making sure every prediction I make is accurate and reliable. I believe in free "over the air" TV and to promote the benefits of free to air TV I want to make certain every recommendation I make has every chance to work great!

Best Regards,