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Winegard AP 8700 mast mounted preamplifier

Replaced by the New and Improved
Winegard LNA 200 Boost XT low noise preamplifier.

Winegard LNA 200 Boost XT Preamplifier Details

 Winegard TV ANTENNA PREAMPLIFIERS/BOOSTER. Also, know as a preamp.
Preamplifier's can i
nstantly improve TV reception when the correct TV antenna preamplifier/booster is installed properly.

Winegard AP series TV antenna preamplifier/booster



Winegard AP series TV antenna preamplifier/booster power supply

Winegard Preamplifier MODEL AP 8700 VHF/UHF/HD/FM

VHF 17db
UHF 19dB

Noise Figure
VHF 2.8dB
UHF 2.8db

.Denny - Your TV antenna mast mount pre-amplifiers --- How are preamplifiers powered ? --- I don't see any easy way to get 120VAC up to an antenna if they are AC powered.
Paul, TV antenna Preamplifier's are two part units. The mast mounted preamplifier and the indoor power injector. The power injector is located indoors and requires an electrical outlet. The coax cable down lead from the mast mounted preamplifier feeds into and out of the indoor power injector. The power injector converts the 120V electricity to low voltage DC inserts it into the coax cable and sends it up the cable to supply the preamplifier operating power.
The answer is, the mast mounted preamplifier receives its power via the coax cable from the indoor power injector. Signal splitters should not be installed in line between the mast mounted preamplifier and the power injector unless voltage blocks are in use.. Proper preamplifier installation is crucial but quite simple.

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