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World's Best Television Antenna

Best small long range TV antenna

Inch for inch no antenna on the market will outperform the EZ HD antenna.

It is the best small long range TV antenna on the market.

EZ HD TV antenna best small long range TV antenna

Outdoor mounted EZ HD TV antenna with J pole mount

EZ HD Antenna Best small long range TV antenna

It would be foolish if I said, the EZ HD antenna will perform as good as our larger HD Stacker antenna >. That’s simply not true. A well designed larger antenna will outperform a well designed smaller antenna every time. No amount of hype will change that fact.

The EZ HD antenna is the perfect choice when you need top performance from a smaller TV antenna. It truly is the “Best small long range TV antenna on the market” Plus, it's made in the USA!


More Details Visit our EZ HD antenna page by clicking here >


EZ HD TV antenna

Little Wonder 
Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2020

Hello I purchased the Anatop multi directional Amplified antenna. My stations are all under 35 miles away. I had taken down one of Denny's big antenna's it was near ten years old and still working! The anatop was really weak ,only the real strong station were watchable . I purchased the EZ HD TV from Denny's and installed it just under the anatop by a couple of feet to a signal splitter backward Not amplified. What a difference all my stations are there strong on that little wonder! Thanks for a product that does what it say's

Solved reception problems 
Posted by Rod on 1st Mar 2020

I bought this antenna for one of my step-daughters. She lives in suburban Detroit, but was not able to to receive (actual, not virtual) channel two. It was installed in her attic, and now she receives all the local channels.

works great 
Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2019

Living in Red mill part of Virginia Beach 5 miles from Oceania navy airbase I get 49 channels which come in very clear.

solved my reception problems 
Posted by Jack on 3rd Dec 2019 

I have installed two of these; one in step daughters attic and one outside at my house. Both locations had poor reception problems with other antenna types. This antenna worked great with no amplification. Step daughters house went 60 - 70 to mid 80’s on all channels. At my house this antenna stopped intermittent weather related pixilation problems on 2 channels.

USA quality 
Posted by Mark on 2nd Dec 2019

I purchased 2 antennas to replace a cheap, inferior, plastic Chinese manufactured rotary antenna I installed 3 years ago. The junk antenna has slowly disintegrated with plastic pieces falling off and finally no longer rotating. I lost most channels. My wife researched made in USA antennas and found Danny's products. The antennas arrived very quickly and I was astonished at the superior quality. I installed one antenna facing Baltimore and the other facing Washington DC and now I receive 40 crystal clear channels. I could not be happier with the antennas and the customer service. Good riddance cable and satellite ripoff.

Easy to install, works fabulous! 
Posted by B Agar on 25th Nov 2019

Dennys did a review of my needs, recommended the equipment I needed. Once installed works exactly as I needed.

Great Product 
Posted by Frank on 20th Nov 2019

The installation was very easy. I used the FCC map on your site to point the antennae. Too many channels! The reception is perfect. Thanks.

it works 
Posted by Brian J on 18th Nov 2019

The big box antenna couldn’t get it done. Bought this one every channel works and then some.

Really Works Well !!! 
Posted by Dannie & Beverly on 15th Nov 2019

EXCELLENT PRODUCT !!! This is the second time we have dealt with Denny ( 1st time a stacker antenna & amplifier) and he knows this business ! AAA ALL THE WAY !!!

Great Antenna - simply works 
Posted by Joe on 7th Nov 2019

I had bought a so-called 150-mile antenna on amazon but was not satisfied with the reception. I bought one of these and it works perfectly. I live 30 miles from the broadcast towers and have the antenna elevated 15 feet on the side of my house. I was able to install it by myself.

Best small long range TV antenna
Posted by Marc on Nov 2019

My location is roughly 65 miles from the TV stations located in Houston. My landlord wouldn't allow a large antenna on my roof. I tried several landlord approved small antennas from Amazon with little success. I googled best small long rangeTV antenna and found Denny's webpage. Out of desperation I ordered the EZ HD antenna. I replaced the Mohu antenna scanned for channels and the results 78 channels! I couldn't be more satisfied.

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