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RCA Programmable Outdoor Antenna Rotor

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A Rotor or Rotator is a mast-mounted, motor-driven device that permits the TV viewer to conveniently rotate (orient) the outdoor tv antenna in any direction to optimize reception of a desired TV channel.

A rotor should be considered when TV signals are being broadcast from towers in different directions and a single TV antenna can not accommodate all locations. A rotator consists of three parts: 1) an indoor control unit, 2) an outdoor drive unit 3) Remote control. The Motor and the control unit are connected via a 3-conductor wire (show Below) that carries the electrical voltage and control signals from the indoor unit to the outdoor drive unit.

Fine tune your outdoor antenna from inside your home with the RCA VH226F Programmable Outdoor Antenna Rotator with remote control. Using its programmable memory, you can set up to 12 TV/FM station presets for automatic antenna positioning. The motor drive provides wind stability by locking in place for a stable antenna. Use the digital display to choose a preset and position the antenna during operation. This unit includes a remote for adjusting the antenna from inside your home.

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Rotor wire

3 conductor 18 Ga copper rotor wire

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Rotor installation tip:

Always keep the mast pipe between the rotor and the TV antenna as short as possible. By doing so you will reduce the stress on the rotator bearings adding years to the life of your rotor. The pipe length below the rotor has no effect on rotor life.

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