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How to Install Coax Cable Connector - Fittings


Coaxial cable installation

Installing coaxial cable end fittings is not very difficult. It may take a little practice but it is a simple process once you get the hang of it. I suggest that when purchasing coaxial cable end connectors buy a few extra. Once you crimp or compress a coax cable end it can't be used again.

Tools required for coaxial cable installation

Coax cable tools

Solid Cooper RG 6 Coax Cable.
Custom lengths with watertight compression fittings >

Available Tool Kit

Coax cable compression tool kit.
Compression Tool Kit >
1) Compression tool  1) One step wire strippers 
1) Cable cutter  10 Compression fittings

Basic Tools

Top Left: A crimp tool is used with crimp type fittings.     coax cable crimp fitting

Top Right: A compression tool is used with compression fittings. coax cable compression fitting


Bottom Left: A quality set of wire cutters is a must when cutting cable. It's important that the cable isn't crushed out of shape and the cut is clean.


Bottom Right: Wire strippers make the job of preparing the cable much easier.

Step #1

Adjust the coaxial cable wire strippers so the first cut is
down to the center copper wire. Adjust the second cut so it cuts through the rubber
jacket only but not through the wire braiding just below the rubber jacket. This may take several attempts to get the tool adjusted just right.

Adjust coax cable strippers

Step #2

With the stripper properly adjusted insert the cable into the strippers so the end of the cable is flush with the edge of the stripper. Spin the stripper around the cable until it turns freely. Pull the stripper away from the cable while lightly squeezing the jaws of the stripper onto the cable. You should now have a cable ready to install a connector.

coax cable stripping tool

At right is a properly prepared coaxial cable 
Be sure to fold the wire braid back
over the rubber jacket as shown

Coax cable




Crimp Fitting



Step #3

Slide the proper coaxial cable connector
onto the cable. This sometimes requires a pair of pliers to grip the connector if the fitting is stubborn is does not want to
slide on easily.




Compression Fitting

coax cable crimp fitting
Compression fitting



This is how a crimp connector should look when you're ready to
crimp the connector. →



The white insulation surrounding the center copper wire should
come flush with the hole in the inside center of the connector.


This is how a compression fitting should look when you're ready to compress the connector →

Coax Cable crimp fitting
coax cable compression fitting



Crimp Fitting

With the coaxial cable connector properly fitted to the cable insert it into the crimp tool as shown at right.
When the connector is properly in place squeeze the handle to crimp the connector onto the cable. The first slot of the tool is for RG 59 cable and the second slot
(as shown) is for RG 6 coax cable.

Coax cable fitting crimp tool





 Compression Fitting

With the compression connector properly fitted to the
cable insert the fitting into the compression tool copper
wire first as shown at right. When the connector is in place squeeze the handle to compress the connector onto the cable. Use the "F" adapter when crimping coax cable for TV.

coax cable compression tool

Coax cable compression tool kit.
Compression Tool KiT >
1) Compression tool 1) One step wire strippers
1) Cable cutter 10) Compression fittings