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Denny's TV Antenna Website

Welcome to Denny's Antenna Service website.

We've been helping America watch free TV since 1988. Located in Ithaca, Michigan we offer detailed information for the do it yourself TV antenna installer. Our TV antenna website pages are full of useful information backed by nearly 30 years experience.

We carry a complete line of high quality TV antennas and accessories. Offering made in the USA products when available.

If you're not sure what you need or how to do it you came to the right place. You can call us Monday-Thursday from 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am to 4PM at 989 875 4902. You can email us at Or you can visit our contact us page. We're here to help!

EZ HD TV antenna from Denny's Antenna website         HD Stacker antenna from Denny's TV antenna website

Winegrad LNA 200 preamplifier. Denny's TV antenna website

HDA series signal distribution amplifier from Denny's TV antenna website

Antenna eave mount from Denny's TV antenna website

TV antenna tripod mount. Denny's TV antenna website

Made in the USA TV antennas.
Visit our TV antenna website page

Made in USA mounts and accessories.
Visit our antenna mount website page

Website Resources

TV Antenna installation guidelines
This website page covers nearly everything you need to know about TV antenna mounting, signal amplifier installation, grounding, antenna placement and much more. Complete with antenna system layout diagram.

How to set up a signal distribution system
This website page covers how to supply multiple TVs from a single antenna. From signal amplification to cabling layout and signal splitters. Did you know with the proper equipment a single antenna can supply hundreds of TVs.

TV antenna attic installation
This website page covers what you should know before installing the antenna in the attic.   

There are dozens of useful "how to" pages available throughout the website. I invite you to explore our website and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.