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Everything needed to install a TV antenna 


Hi Denny,

I know we need your HD Stacker antenna > but not sure what else I may need. 

We have never had an antenna at our house at all, and have no idea what comes with the antenna (if anything) or if I need to purchase some other things separately. I'm new to this. Can you tell me what else I need to buy to complete the installation?

Thanks so much!




Hi Susan,

Besides the HD Stacker antenna > you will need the following items. Every installation is a little different so what is needed varies a little from installation to installation. Some installations will not require a rotor to aim the antenna when the primary TV transmitters are all in the same general direction.

>>............>>>>HD Stacker TV Antenna>>>>>        >>>>>>>Channel Master 9521A rotor with remote control
>>>>>>>>>...........     HD Stacker TV Antenna>>>>>>>>>>>                                            Rotor w/Remote

The HD Stacker antenna does not come with a mast pipe or an antenna mount. It is complete with two U-bolt assemblies that will mount to a mast pipe size of 1.00" to 1.7/8" outside diameter.


You will need an antenna mount. The two most popular mounts are the Tripod mount > and the Eave mount >. Both of these mounts are very stable and strong.

The type of mount you choose > depends upon the structure it will be installed on and your particular situation.

>>>>>>>>>TV Antenna tripod mount>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TV Antenna Eave mount
>>>>>>>>>      >Tripod Mount>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>         Eave Mount


If a rotor will be installed you will be needed. One piece to go from the antenna mount to the rotor and one piece to go from the rotor to the antenna. If a rotor will not be installed only one piece of mast pipe will be needed. If the TV transmitters in your area are all located in the same general direction a rotor will not be needed.



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TV Antenna Mast Pipe
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                   >Mast Pipe

You may also need a preamplifier to boost the antenna signal and improve reception. If the antenna will supply 1 TV to 4 TVs a very good choice is the LNA 200 preamplifier >.

If a 6, or 8 way signal splitter will be in use add a distribution amplifier > inline on the antenna side of the signal splitter.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                      >>>>>>Winegrad LNA 200 preamplifier.areas
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                     >Preamplifier/Booster

Grounding Accessories. Ground wire should be ran from the antenna mast/mount to a suitable ground such as a ground rod. A ground block should be installed on the coax cable down lead coming from the antenna at a point just before the coax cable enters the home. A ground wire should be ran from the ground block to a ground. See sections 4 and 5 at Antenna System Installation >.

>>...............>>>>>TV Antenna Ground Block>>>>>>>>TV Antenna Ground Rod>>>>>>>TV Antenna Ground Wire
>>>>>>>...............>>Ground Block>>>                   Ground Rod>>>>>>>>  >Ground Wire

Various lengths of coax cable > will be needed to complete the installation. We offer coax cable in bulk sold by the foot or pre-made with the connector ends attached. We also offer a complete wiring kit > 

The coax cable lengths needed to complete the installation are as follows.

a. 1 short piece to go from the antenna output to the mast mounted preamplifier input. Our 2.5 foot piece works great for this purpose.

b. 1 piece to go from the mast mounted preamplifier output to the ground block.

c. 1 piece to go from the ground block into the house to the preamplifier power supply/insertor. (The power supply/inserter is included with the preamplifier).

d. 1 piece to go from the power inserter to the TV. If a signal splitter will be in use this piece will go from the power inserter to the signal splitter and various lengths of coax cable will run from the signal splitter outputs to each TV location.

Rotor Wire. (If a rotor will be in use). Rotor wire is ran from the rotor motor located near the antenna down and inside to the rotor control unit. The rotor control is usually located near to the main TV location and requires an electrical outlet. It displays the direction the antenna is aiming and can be controlled manually or with an infrared remote control.

Cable Fastener's. There are two types of fastener's. Screw clip fastener's that hold the coax cable, rotor wire and ground wire The coax cable and rotor wire can be held by the same fastener but it's a tight fit so be careful not to damage the wire as you tighten the screw of the fastener. Ground wire should be ran separately from the coax cable andf rotor wire.

Electrical Black Tape can be used to secure the coax cable and rotor wire to the mast or mount.

This covers the basics of what should be needed to install a complete antenna system. You may or may not need everything suggested depending upon what you already have. If you haven't already I suggest you visit our TV Antenna System Installation > page.

If I can assist you further please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis

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