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EZ HD TV Antenna
Easy Set Up  

Made in the USA  United States flag

Inch for inch the best performing antenna on the market!

              EZ HD antenna, made in the USA                          

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The  EZ HD will provide dependable reception 24/7 where other small antennas won't.

View our EZ HD antenna kits and special offers here >

EZ HD TV antenna

Dual band design receives all digital channels VHF and UHF signals.

Works great for the FCC's > green and yellow zones.

The EZ HD TV antenna is quality built and made in the USA.

For questions or help placing an order call

989 875 4902 
Mon. - Fri. 9am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time

EZ HD VS. Clearstream 2v TV antenna >

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Antenna Type VHF/UHF/FM/Digital
Length 35.15"
Max. Width 34.43
Max. Height 3"
Weight 4.6 lbs
Output Connection Coax cable or twin lead
Mast size 3/4" to 1.7/8" OD


EZ HD TV antenna dimensions


Apparently you can say anything you want to about antennas these days and get away with it. I won't do that to you. I designed the EZ HD to work. I promise to send you a quality built TV antenna that will perform as advertised.

Denny Duplessis
Denny's TV Service
3758 W. Washington Rd. Ithaca, MI 48847
989 875 4902

EZ HD user review

Buy now EZ HD TV antenna

In Stock

EZ HD antenna kits and special offers here >

Parts List and Manual > 

Dual TV Antenna System

Designed for use when TV transmitters are located in two different directions.

EZ HD dual antenna system
Click image to enlarge

Complete with two antennas, antenna coupler, preamplifier and connecting cables.

EZ HD dual antenna system >

Buy the EZ HD TV antenna

EZ HD TV Antenna Package

Complete with everything you need

EZ HD TV antenna package

 1 EZ HD TV antenna. 

 1 18" J pole mounting arm with lag screws and sealing  pads.

 50 feet of coax cable with compression fittings attached.

 10 screw clip cable fasteners

 4 zip ties

 1 outdoor matching transformer

Buy the EZ HD TV antenna

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EZ-HD Logo

Manufactured and Assembled in the USA    United States of America Flag

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