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Complete guide to TV antenna installation

Learn to install like a pro. It's all here, everything you need to know about installing a TV antenna.


TV Antenna installation

HD Stacker antenna assembly guide >
A step by step assembly guide with pictures.

Aiming the EZ HD and the HD Stacker antennas >
Illistration of proper aiming of the HD Stacker and EZ HD antennas.

HD Stacker reception range >
A discussion of real antenna range (no hype) and what to expect from the HD Stacker antenna.

TV Antenna attic installation >
What you can expect when installing your antenna in the attic.

TV Antenna range >
Factors that affect TV antenna range.

Antenna Preamplifier installation

Preamplifier installation and troublershooting >

Signal distribution installation

Design a TV antenna signal distribution system >

Antenna Mount installation

Installing a tripod mount >

Installing an eave mount >

Installing a chimney mount >

TV Antenna installation guidelines >
Antenna mounting, rotor installation, preamplifier basics, antenna grounding, and a basic TV Antenna system configuration and wiring diagram

Everything needed to install a TV antenna system >

Coax cable fittings

Installing coax cable connector fitting >

Voltage block

When and how to use voltage blocks with your preamplifier >

Convert from Cable TV to a TV antenna >

TV Antenna Direction - Aiming - Denny's Antenna > Unreliable for most locations >

Installing TV antennas is what we do. If you have any questions about installind a TV antenna feel free to contact us >

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