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Complete guide to TV antenna installation

Learn to install like a pro. It's all here, everything you need to know about installing a TV antenna.


1. TV Antenna installation

HD Stacker antenna assembly guide >
A step by step assembly guide with pictures.

Aiming the EZ HD and the HD Stacker antennas >
Illistration of proper aiming of the HD Stacker and EZ HD antennas.

HD Stacker reception range >
A discussion of real antenna range (no hype) and what to expect from the HD Stacker antenna.

TV Antenna attic installation >
What you can expect when installing your antenna in the attic.

TV Antenna range >
Factors that affect TV antenna range.

2. Antenna Preamplifier installation

Preamplifier installation and troublershooting >
A properly installed TV antenna preamplifier can improve your TV reception. Learn how to select and install a TV antenna preamplifier. Choose the right preamplifier the first time

3. Signal distribution installation

Design a TV antenna signal distribution system >
When and how to use a TV antenna preamplifier and or distribution amplifier. Proper signal amplification can improve digital TV reception and make a bad signal good.

4. Antenna Mount installation

Installing a tripod mount >
Step by step instructions on how to properly install a TV antenna tripod mount. This advice is priceless to anyone installing a tripod.             

Installing an eave mount >
Step by step instructions and illistrations. How to properly install a TV antenna eave/fascia mount. The job is a lot easier if you follow these simple steps.

Installing a chimney mount >
The Chimney mount photo gallery. View images provided by our customer's of chimney mount installations.

TV Antenna installation guidelines >
Antenna mounting, rotor installation, preamplifier basics, antenna grounding, and a basic
TV Antenna system configuration and wiring diagram

Everything needed to install a TV antenna system >
What parts do I need to install a TV antenna? I'm new to this. Can you tell me what else I need to buy to complete the installation?

5. Coax cable fittings

Installing coax cable connector fitting >
Installing coax cable ends step by step procedure. Installing coax cable ends onto coax cable is rather simple once you get the hang of it.

6. Voltage block

When and how to use voltage blocks with your preamplifier >

Convert from Cable TV to a TV antenna >

TV Antenna Direction - Aiming - Denny's Antenna > Unreliable for most locations >

Installing TV antennas is what we do. If you have any questions about installind a TV antenna feel free to contact us >

Additional Resource.
How to install a TV antenna step by step >
How to install a TV antenna, preamplifier, antenna mount, distribution system, coax cable fittings, attic installation and much more...

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