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HD 6010 Omnidirectional FM Radio Antenna

Winegard HD 6010 omnidirectional FM radio antenna

HD-6010 FM Antenna

The HD-6010 is designed for receiving FM radio signals in all directions. Compact design is recommended for city and suburban reception areas. Popular turnstile design features unique one piece construction for easy installation. Mounts to maximum 2" diameter pipe.

If your indoor FM antenna isn't cutting it and your tired of stations fading in and out maybe it's time to upgrade. FM radio signals experience a number of issues when the receiving antenna is located inside of the house. The HD 6010 FM radio antenna is inexpensive, lightweight and easy to install. No need to aim the antenna. The HD 6010 is omnidirectional meaning it will receive FM radio signals from all directions.


Boom Length: 10"
Turning Radius: 41"
Maximum Width: 67"
Vertical Height: 10"
Element Diameter: 3/8"
Weight: 1.5 lbs

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