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HD Stacker Antenna Story

Designed by Denny and Manufactured by Winegard Co. Burlington, IA.

Stacking antennas to improve performance is nothing new. I installed stacked antennas in weak signal areas for over 2 decades. In the beginning I had to experiment to find the best combination of antennas and find the proper spacing distance between the antennas. Once I found the perfect set up I installed the same antennas over and over with great success. Back then I called it the "Bi-Powered antenna".

Do to the success of our on line antenna business I retired from antenna installation service in 2008 and my son Tony started Tony D's antenna service here in Michigan. At the time the Country was switching from analog to the new digital signals. We soon found out people living in weaker signal areas needed a very large antenna to consistently receive the new digital signal. Our most popular antenna at the time for us and maybe every dealer was 110" wide and 131" long.

I thought to myself. There's got to be a better way. Why not design a stacked antenna system. Design it so the two antennas compliment each other. So I started grabbing various antennas from around the shop and began cutting and spacing antenna parts. After a couple of months of design work in my shop I was satisfied I had an antenna I could present to Winegard. My goal was to create an antenna that is no longer than 72" without forfeiting the performance provided by the 131" antenna.

Proto Type HD Stacker on the indoor range at Winegard

When I visited Winegard earlier I was impressed with the antenna design and testing facility they have. I knew the Winegard engineers could get the phasing, tuning, and antenna spacing perfect. I just had to get it in the ballpark. The progress updates from Winegard were positive and it looked like we could keep the antenna under the 72" goal and maintain a very high level of performance. In the fall of 2009 our first HD Stacker shipment arrived.

Since that time the Stacker has become our best selling antenna with over 40,000 sold to date. 

The HD Stacker antenna is manufactured  by the Winegard Co. exclusively for Denny's TV Antenna Source

Above: A prototype HD Stacker on the
indoor test facility at Winegard.

HD Stacker Details

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