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High Band VHF TV Antenna

Long range FM Antenna

HBV 2500 High Band VHF Antenna

Quality built and made in the USA the HBV 2500 is cut specifically for high performance on high band VHF channels 7-13. The HBV 2500 is a directional antenna. Accepts mast pipe up to 1 7/8". Can be coupled with a UHF antenna. Steel U-bolt and mast clamp. Recommended preamplifier is the Winegard LNA 200.

Designed to reduce and eliminate signal break-up and drop outs that occur on many high band VHF signals. The directional reception capabilities eliminates multi-path interference common with high band VHF reception.

Length: 70"
Maximum: 63"
Connection type: Twin lead 300 ohm or coax cable 75 ohm.


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