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Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT Outdoor Digital TV Antenna Preamplifier Review

I just bought an HD-stacker last week.  Would you recommend the Winegard AP-8700 or the new LNA-200 Boost XT preamplifier? Thanks

We tested both preamplifier's head to head using the EZ HD antenna as the reference antenna. The signal strength level on the meter was the same for both preamplifier's but the signal to noise level slightly improved on a couple of the 12 channels tested when using the LNA 200 Boost preamplifier. There may be some instances where the new Winegard Boost preamplifier will help with a borderline signal but for the most part the LNA 200 Boost in this test didn't make much difference when compared to the AP 8700 preamplifier.
The LNA 200 is a very good preamplifier and from what I can tell so far it will certainly be a more than adequate replacement for the Winegard AP 8700 and the HDP 269 preamplifier's. Winegard claims the Boost preamplifier has a much higher signal input capacity than the AP 8700 so it will be less likely to be overdriven by strong signals.  

Two Year Update: The LNA 200 preamplifier has proved to be an excellent preamplifier. It performs great and the reliability is second to none.  

Winegard LNA 200 Boost XT Preamplifier                             lna-200 boost xt outdoor digital tv antenna preamplifier accessories

Left: Winegard mast mounted LNA 200 boost XT low noise preamplifier.
Right: Winegard Boost XT preamplifier with included accessories.

 LNA 200 Boost XT Preamplifier Details and Specifications


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