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Long Range FM Radio Antenna

Long range FM Antenna

Looking for a high performance long range FM antenna for your home stereo?

We're proud to offer the FM 2500HD FM antenna. If this antenna looks familiar it should it's the top portion of our highly successful HD Stacker antenna >. All of the great FM antennas have been discontinued such as the Channel Master 3025 and the Winegard HD 6065.

Nearly everyday someone contacts us looking for good high performance, long range FM radio antenna. We had to tell them, sorry all high performance long range FM antennas have been discontinued. I thought to myself, wait a minute, FM signals are VHF signals so why wouldn't the top VHF portion of the HD Stacker antenna make a great FM antenna. So I pulled one out assembled and tested it on my classic Pioneer SX 1250 fm radio receiver >. This unit has an awesome FM tuner and a very accurate signal meter. Because of the superior FM ability of the SX 1250 receiver I also have the discontinued Winegard 6065 FM antenna considered by many to be the best FM antenna ever made.

My set up has a rotor so I can precisely aim the antenna for the best reception. The Winegard 6065 FM antenna was already installed so I began the test starting with the 6065. Next I removed the 6065 and installed the FM 2500HD antenna to the same mast location as the 6065 FM antenna.

The results of the test are below. I found as expected both FM antennas performed extremely well. Both antennas are directional so multi-path interference was nearly non existent with either antenna. I chose four channels to be tested. Starting at the lower end of the FM radio frequency band and working my way up the frequency band to the top. Both antennas are quality built and will last for years so no real advantage either way in construction. As the test indicates the 6065 FM antenna outperformed the FM 2500HD FM antenna but not by much. Since the Winegard 6065 and the CM 3035 (probe 9) antennas are discontinued I believe the FM 2500HD to be the best FM antenna on the market today.

No signal amplifier was in use. The down lead connection is 40 feet of solid copper RG 6 > connected directly to the FM receiver.

Long range FM antenna


FM 2500HD Long Range FM Antenna

Winegard 6065 FM Antenna

FM 2500HD FM Antenna

FM Frequency Winegard 6065 FM Antenna (Discontinued)
Signal Strength as Registered on Meter
FM 2500HD FM Antenna
Signal Strength as Registered on Meter
88.2 1.3 1.1
96.3 2.7 2.5
102.3 4.2 3.9
107.2 3.0 2.7

All tested station are 50 miles or greater in distance from the test location.

FM 2500HD long range FM antenna

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