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Long Range UHF outdoor/attic TV Antenna

Long Range UHF TV AntennaLong Range UHF outdoor/attic TV Antenna

High performance outdoor/attic TV antenna designed for
maximum UHF digital TV signal reception

The U2000 HD UHF TV antenna is a long range outdoor/attic directional UHF antenna. It is recommended for UHF digital signals rated from strong to weak. The U2000 is specifically tuned for maximum UHF TV reception performance.

Built in the USA from strong lightweight aluminum this antenna will last for years even in the worst climate. Strong reinforced steel locking mast pipe jaws grip strong and won't slip or turn. The U2000 HD outdoor/attic UHF antenna offers strength, durability and performance at a reasonable price.

Built-in VHF antenna coupler allows easy coupling of a VHF antenna with the U2000 HD antenna. 

Quality built in the USA for years of service.

Maximum Antenna width 27"

Antenna length 68"

Maximum Antenna height 33"

75 ohm coax cable connection

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

An American mom and pop operation since 1988Made in the USA 

On Sale $99.95

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Setup your U2000 HD UHF Long range antenna on 24 foot mast in Ocala FL.  I can get stations from Daytona Beach, and just south.  Very happy as I'm in a hole, surrounded by tall trees, and have few translators in the area. Old antenna got 2.1-2, 5.1-3, 6.1-4, 51.1-3, and sometimes 20.1,3.

After installation of antenna, and Preamp, I was able to receive 44 channels all the time, and 69 when it's clear.

Just thought you'd like to know.