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Omnidirectional TV Antenna for free digital HD TV Reception

360 degree HD digital omnidirectional TV antenna with preamplifier - LTE rejection filter - Smartpass preamplifier. This unit is ideal for local HD digital TV reception.

Omnidirectional TV antenna

360 degree omnidirectional receiving pattern the Antop AT-414B antenna is a great choice for local digital HD TV reception.

The Smartpass preamplifier allows you to choose between short and longer range TV reception.


Omnidirectional means there's no need to adjust the antenna.

360 degree omnidirectional reception. digital HD TV antenna

Versatile Mounting Options

The omnidirectional antenna can be mounted to a mast pipe or a flat surface of any angle.
Both the bracket angle and the antenna angle are easily adjustable.
Antenna width 15 inches

Omnidirectional TV Antenna installation service Michigan                                     Wall mounted digital hd omnidirectional antenna

                                                              Mast Pipe Mount                                             Wall Mount


Omnidirectional TV antenna

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