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              Phoenix Arizona TV Antenna Reception Reports

Actual TV antenna reception reports submitted by the consumer. With your help we are building the worlds largest data base of real reception reports from real people. I am not going to fill this page with only good reports. If there's a poor reception area we want you to know about it.

989 875 4902


Gilbert, AZ. 85234

1. First Name:Talbert 
2. Email: ________________
3. Address: ________________ Gilbert Arizona 85234
4. What model TV antenna is in use? Example: HD Stacker: EZ HD
5. Is there a signal amplifier in use? If so what make/model?: NO! And I'm feeding TWO TVs with this antenna.
6. Is the TV antenna installed outside above the roof line, attic, other?: On top of the (flat) back porch roof with clear shot to South Mountain
7. At approximately what elevation is the TV antenna installed above the ground?: approx 14 feet
8. What channels are received? Example: 12.1 ABC, 17.1 FOX, 32.1 CBS and so on.: Around 57-60 (at least), many I have never even heard of, And on occasion we pick up Yuma
9. Quality of reception. Excellent, Very good, Good, Poor.: Absolutely crystal clear!
10. Comments : Cannot believe how easy installation was. No pixelation on local channels at all, and the signal on some is quite weak, but the EZ HD reaches out and gets them anyway. We are thrilled!