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TV Antenna Tower

25G antenna tower


The 25G antenna tower is a light weight tubular tower with solid braces. The tower sections can be guyed, but can also be used in bracketed and self-supporting applications. Standard sections are 10’ in length.

This antenna tower model has several top options, as well as a variety of tower accessories. The 25G has several base options, including: base cast in concrete, base plate with anchor bolts and also a hinged base.

Hot dipped galvanized coated for superior life. 

Standard Design Tower Heights

Guyed: Up to 190’

Bracketed: Up to 100‘

Free Standing/Self-Supporting: Up to 40’

Cash & Carry Pricing

10' mid section $209.95

9' top section $244.95

Hinged base $149.00

In Stock

Installation Service Available

Made in the USA American flag

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