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TV Antenna Rotor Installation

Channel Master 9521A Rotor Motor

There are 3 basic parts to the Channel Master rotor.

The motor that actual turns the antenna. The indoor control unit and the remote control.

CM 9521HD antenna rotor

   It requires two separate pieces of pipe to install the motor unit. The stationary pipe coming from below that is held by the antenna mount and another pipe to extend from the motor up to the antenna. The top throat of the motor is what turns. The rotor can accommodate pipe of up to 2" outside diameter.

   The rotor control unit is located inside of the home at a location of your choice. This location is usually near the main TV. A rotor wire is then ran from the outside motor into the house to the control unit. There are 3 separate color coded wires inside of the jacket of the rotor wire. On both the motor and the control unit you'll find connections labeled 1, 2, and 3. It doesn't matter what color wire is connected to what number as long as the same color is connected to the same number on each device. If the Red wire is connected to #1 at the motor it must be connected to #1 at the control unit and so on. I suggest you write down the number - color pattern so if the wires get disconnected you can reconnect in the proper order.

   The directions included with the rotor will explain how to orient the rotor with the antenna at the time of installation.

   The remote control is infrared and must be in line of sight to the control unit. The remote can be pre-programmed to each individual station transmitter direction. When pre-programmed the operator can simply press the desired channel number into the rotor remote control and the antenna will automatically turn to the pre-programmed direction. The rotor can be manually operated at the control unit. 


How to extend the life of your TV antenna rotor

The simplest thing you can do is give the rotor motor a break. When operating your rotor pause for a couple of seconds between changing rotation direction. In other words, if the antenna is turning clockwise don't suddenly reverse direction to counter clockwise. Wait a couple of seconds before reversing direction. Give the motor time to stop.  

Minimize the length of the mast pipe 
between the rotor motor and the antenna

The longer this pipe is from the rotor to the antenna the more stress it will apply to the rotor bearings. If the antenna elevation must be raised higher add pipe from below the rotor.  At right is a good example of a proper installation. The pipe between the rotor motor and the the Winegard HD 7084P antenna is about 2.5 feet.

Provide an umbrella for your TV antenna rotor.

Outdoor elements are the enemy and a properly placed shield can prevent rain, sun, snow, and ice from doing damage to your rotor.


You first must purchase a plastic funnel. The narrower end (neck) of the funnel must start smaller then the the mast pipe size but as it widens it must become larger then the mast pipe. Its bottom end opposite the neck must also be wide enough to cover the rotor motor housing.
Cut the neck of the funnel so that the hole in the narrow end of the funnel is of a size so it fits tight around the mast pipe when slip onto the pipe. Next paint the funnel so that it will be protected from ultra violet rays and keep it from becoming brittle in the sun. There are paints available now that adhere to plastic very well.
When the paint is dry install your rotor umbrella by slipping the reconfigured funnel onto the pipe between the antenna and rotor down to a point within an inch or two of the top of the rotor. Lastly put a bead of silicone around the top edge of the funnel to seal the funnel to the mast pipe just for insurance that no water can trickle down. You have now created an umbrella for your rotor motor protecting the pivot point, the rubber seals, bearings and U - bolts the elements that can damage a rotor. This will also prevent rotor freeze up in colder climates.
See the image below
TV antenna rotor umbrella

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