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  Save Money
                               with Free to air TV

Thousands are saving money and dropping cable in favor of free over the air digital/HDTV

  • If you spend:
  • $40.00 mo. - Money saved $480.00 a year
  • $60.00 mo. - Money saved $720.00 a year
  • $80.00 mo. - Money saved $960.00 a year

"This isn't Grandpa's TV anymore"

Free to air digital TV offers

... Full 1080i resolution ...

... True 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound ...

... Crystal Clear Digital reception ...

... More channels ... More networks ...


   Hi, my name is Denny Duplessis and I'm exited to see how many people are discovering free digital TV. They're firing the cable company and saving thousands. It's true, and I'm excited about it. I love to hear from people telling me how they have successful transitioned from pay TV to free TV. If you're truly looking for ways to save money and cut costs maybe free TV is the answer for you.

   You'll find our website full of detailed easy to understand information to help the "do it yourself installer" get the job done right. Within the pages of the this website I've tried to share with you the knowledge acquired in my twenty plus years as a professional TV antenna installer. 

   If you're interested in learning more about free TV I suggest you start with the Digital TV Antenna Selector. Based on your physical location the antenna selector will accurately guide you to the best suited equipment and guarantee optimum performance.

   When the equipment selection process is complete the next step in the switch to free TV is a visit to the "How To" resource pages provided within the website. Installing a TV antenna can be risky and you may want to consider hiring a professional to do the job.

   I invite you to spend a little time in our website and learn what free TV has to offer. For millions of Americans switching to free TV has been a very sound financial choice in their quest to save money.

 Tell us your money saving story

Hi Denny, I live near Kansas City,  Mo.  I came across your article on how to save money with a tv antenna on the web. I took the antenna selector test and went ahead with its recommendation. I wasn't sure if I wanted to turn off cable when I made the purchase. The antenna (your ezhd antenna) and equipment arrive and I installed it as instructed. I was pleased with  the picture quality and the channel selection I had from the antenna. I guess I hadn't realized how many of the programs we watch are available free. After about 3 weeks we decided to stop cable.  The money we save each month is 56.27 most months.

Kenneth R.


When my husband found out he could watch the Buccaneers games, all of the NFL play off games and the super bowl all in HD all for free he was sold. We save just over $40 each month.

Kathy M.

We save $19.95 a month.

Chicago, IL.


Your website is great it help us convert to free TV and we now save about $85.00 a month. The money we save pays for the insurance on both of our vehicles with a little money left over.

Thanks Soooo Much,
Sharon K.
Las Vegas

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Tell us how much money you save

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