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A complete list of TV antenna and related pages found on Denny's TV Antenna service website.

The most comprehensive TV antenna website on the Internet.


Denny's TV Antenna Service Home Page >
Outdoor TV antennas, amplifiers, rotors, and mounts. Detailed information for the DIY antenna installer. Helping America Watch Free TV Since 1988


Online Store >
We have the finest TV antennas available. Including the EZ HD, HD Stacker plus Winegard & Channel Master hd digital TV antennas. Order Online today! Or visit our store.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee >
The best TV antenna guarantee. Denny's Antenna Service TV antennas and accessories carry a 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!


Customer Service >
There are three ways to receive outstanding customer service at Denny's TV antenna Source. By telephone 989 875 4902, by email at or by contact form submission.


About Us >
Denny's TV Antennas Service is providing quality tv antennas, accessories and installation services in Michigan since 1988.


Denny's Antenna Location Map >
Denny's TV Antenna Service 3758 W. Washington Rd. Ithaca, Mi. 48847. Call 989 875 4902. Fast Shipping to any location in the Contiguous U.S.


All About TV Antennas


TV Antennas >
The finest TV antennas available. Including the EZ HD and
HD Stacker plus Winegard and Channel Master TV antennas. Directional and omni-directional antennas.


Get My TV Antenna Recommendation >
Get a free and accurate TV antenna recommendation specific to your location. By telephone, email or form submission. Get the right antenna the first time.


TV Antenna Range >
Facts you should know about TV antenna range, reception and TV signal characteristics. How far will a TV signal travel?


Best TV Antenna for Attic >
Choosing the best TV antenna for your attic. Attic antenna installations can be very successful with the correct antenna and accessories.


4K TV Antenna >
There's no such thing as a 4k TV antenna. Any TV antenna claim to perform better because it's a 4k TV antenna is a scam.


TV Antennas Made in the USA >
Denny's Antenna Service offering quality TV antennas manufactured in the USA from American raw materials and assembled by American workers.


Best Small Long Range TV Antenna >
Inch for inch no antenna on the market will outperform the EZ HD antenna. It is the best small long range TV antenna on the market.


TV Antenna Reception in Rural Areas >
Steps to obtain over the air antenna TV antenna reception in rural areas. What we'll really being talking about is high performance TV reception.


Top HD Antenna Performance >
Looking for top hd antenna performance? Inch for inch no antenna will outperform the EZ HD or the HD Stacker antennas. Use the signal analyzer to evaluate your reception conditions.


TV Antenna Attic Installation and Mounting >
Before you install and mount your HD digital TV antenna in the attic
several factors must be considered before you choose the attic as your digital TV antenna location. 


TV Antenna Aiming >
Pointing/aiming your TV antenna to the proper direction is vital. Most TV antennas must be properly aimed for the best TV reception. Learn how and where to aim your TV antenna to get best results.


VHF UHF TV Antenna >
What is a VHF UHF HDTV antenna and why do I need a VHF UHF TV antenna? Get the facts that will effect the TV antenna you choose.


Amplified TV Antenna >
What is an amplified TV antenna? How do amplified TV antennas work and what are the advantages of an amplified TV antenna?


TV Antenna Signal Gain >
My question is, what is antenna signal gain and what does it mean? I noticed you stated "Raw Gain" on the EZ HD antenna. I only want to do this once and get it right the first time.


Indoor vs. Outdoor TV Antennas >
With few exception the chances of great TV reception success using an indoor antenna is slim to none. Some will disagree with me but that's the truth. Unreliable >
The results provided by are not reliable. The system is simply way too conservative. More accurate signal analyzer is available here.


150 Mile Range TV Antenna >
If you have purchased the 150 mile antenna and are not satisfied with the results please contact the business that sold you the antenna. Poor quality & performance is what you get.


Television Antenna History >
Basic outline of how the history of the Television Antennas came about. From being called aerial antenna, roof top antenna, hd antenna, tv antenna, UHF antenna, VHF antenna.


Telesine TV Antenna History >
Here are some pictures of the Telesine Television Antennas and the installation of one. Just think of one of these TV antennas mounted on your roof top.   


Aerial Television History >
Aerial is an electrical device that sends or receives radio or television signals.


RCA Television History >
RCA television antennas were huge. Look at how big this TV antenna is. The do-it-yourself person would need help with the size of this TV antenna.


EZ HD TV Antenna

EZ HD TV Antenna >
The EZ-HD TV antenna is one of the most versatile TV antennas on the market today. It's small in size yet big on performance. The perfect choice for excellent digital-HDTV TV antenna reception.


TV Antenna for Two Directions >
The EZ HD bi-directional TV antenna is spicifically designed tp provide high performance TV reception from two different directions.


EZ HD HDTV Antenna Review >
I believe I have finally found one of the best HDTV outdoor antenna for it's size, compactness and signal gathering for what I feel is the best price in town.


EZ HD Package Image >
A complete EZ HD TV antenna package ready to install. EZ HD TV antenna, coax cable, mount, cable fasteners and more... Great HDTV reception made simple.


EZ HD Antenna Range >
Things everyone should know about TV antenna range. Make sure you understand what effects TV antenna range before you purchase an antenna.


EZ HD Antenna San Francisco Reception Report >
EZ HD TV antenna reception report provided by Ryan H. of San Francisco, CA. Thanks Ryan for the in depth report it will help others make the right antenna choice.  


EZ HD HD Stacker Antenna Aiming >
How to properly aim the EZ HD and the HD Stacker TV antennas. A complete step by step guide will make aiming your antenna easy.


Bowling Ball Test >
How many bowling balls can a TV antenna hold? We put 54 pounds of bowling balls on the EZ HD and the HD Stacker TV antennas.


EZ HD TV Antenna Reviews >
The EZ-HD TV antenna is a small inexpensive antenna designed for powerful performance. HDTV antenna reviews. EZ HD VS. Clearstream 2V.


EZ HD Antenna Image >
A high resolution image of the EZ HD TV antenna. The EZ HD is 35.15" long with a maximum width of 34.43" with a range of 50 miles.


EZ HD Antenna Image >
View high resolution image of the EZ HD HDTV antenna. VHF-UHF-FM reception 50 miles. Made in the USA.


EZ HD With J-Pole Mount >
The EZ HD antenna can be mounted to a standard J pole mount otherwise known as a satellite dish mount. View EZ HD antenna and J pole mount here.


EZ HD Antenna Complete Package >
The EZ HD TV antenna package includes the EZ HD antenna, J pole mount, coax cable, cable fasteners and more...      


EZ HD Antenna Assemble Manual >
The EZ HD TV antenna instruction/directions. Very little assembly is required. Fold open a few elements and your finished. Takes about 3 minutes 


Why is the EZ HD So Special? >
If you've been doing research for digital/HD antenna reception you must be confused by now. If not, you're one of the few.


EZ HD Antenna Review >
Read unsolicited EZ HD antenna reviews from real people from various locations across the U.S.


EZ HD Bi-Directional System Image >
Large image of the EZ HD bi-directional antenna system. Receives TV signals from two different directions.


HD Stacker TV Antenna

HD Stacker TV Antenna >
The HD Stacker TV antenna is considered the best HDTV antenna for weak rural signal areas on the market today. Performs better than antennas twice its size.


HD Stacker Installation Kit >
The HD Stacker TV antenna installation kit provides everything needed to successfully install a high quality professional grade HDTV antenna system.


HD Stacker Range >
Hello Denny, I noticed your HD stacker antenna. I'm curious about the estimated range of the stacker antenna. Thank you, Michael. The truth about TV antenna range is this...


HD Stacker Story >
Designed by Denny and manufactured by Winegard Co. Burlington, IA. The HD Stacker unique design allows performance as good or better than antennas twice its size.


HD Stacker Reviews >
Unedited reviews from actual customer's who have purchased and installed the HD Stacker HDTV antenna. Additional reviews provided by BBB, Yahoo and Citysearch.  


HD Stacker Reviews Page Two >
HD Stacker TV antenna reviews from those who purchased and installed the HD Stacker HDTV antenna.


HD Stacker Antenna Specifications >
Antenna type, weight, length, height, width, turning radius, boom spacing, mast size and guarantee.


HD Stacker Antenna Assembly Guide >
Fully illustrated this easy to follow online guide makes it easy to assemble the HD Stacker antenna. The HD Stacker is proudly made in the USA.  


HD Stacker Antenna High Resolution Image >
High resolution images of the HD Stacker HDTV antenna. Get a closer look at the high performace engineering behind the HD Stacker success. 


HD Stacker Antenna Ice Fishing on Mille Lacs Lake, MN. >
I have never ice fished out of a fish house before. Renting a fish house on Mille Lacs Lake seemed a perfect time to try.


HD Stacker Reception Report from Patterson, California 95363 >
"Shown below is the data I took last night. The HD Stacker is a great antenna; especially for people like me that are 60-90 miles from ALL of the major broadcast towers".


HD Stacker Antenna Design >
The HD Stacker antenna " a true breakthrough in TV antenna design" A full power long range antenna that compares to antennas twice its size. Proudly made in the USA.


HD Stacker Customer Photo Gallery >
Below is a collection of HDTV antenna photos and self installations. Nice job everyone! Enjoy free TV... No More Cable Bills!!!


HD Stacker Antenna Bowling Ball Test >
Trying to come up with a way to demonstrate the strength of the HD Stacker antenna. That's hard to do on the Internet. Here it is bowling balls hanging on a TV antenna.


HD Stacker Manual >
Manufacturers HD Stacker assembly and installation manual.


HD Stacker Antenna - What's In the BOX >
The shipping carton is 48 inches long by 7 inches by 8 inches. Made in the USA.


Train Station Utilizes the HD Stacker Antenna >
The AMTRAK Battle Creek station installs HD Stacker antenna to provide free over the air HDTV live programming to patrons waiting in the terminal. "Why should we pay when HDTV is available free?"


HD Stacker Antenna Physical Demensions >
The physical height, width and length of the HD Stacker antenna.


HD Stacker Antenna Dual Band VHF and UHF Reception >
I hope you can help me. I just purchased and installed a antennas direct db8 antenna on the roof of my 2 story home near Sycamore, IL. I can't get a couple of channels. What am I missing?


HD Stacker Questions and Answers >
Questions and answers pertaining to the HD Stacker antenna. Submit your HD Stacker question here.


HD Stacker Kit Recommendation >
It's never been easier to get the right HDTV antenna and equipment the first time. By phone or email get a free expert antenna recommendation.



Specialty TV Antennas and FM 


Omnidirectional TV Antenna >
360 degree HD digital omnidirectional TV antenna with preamplifier - LTE rejection filter - Smartpass preamplifier. This unit is ideal for local HD digital TV reception.


Long Range UHF TV Antenna >
When you need a high performance outdoor/attic TV antenna designed for UHF TV signal reception. The U2000 HD UHF TV antenna is a long range directional UHF antenna.


High Band VHF TV Antenna >
Quality built and made in the USA the HBV 2500 is cut specifically for high performance on high band VHF channels 7-13. The HBV 2500 is a directional antenna.


Long Range FM Radio Antenna >
We're proud to offer the FM 2500HD long range outdoor FM antenna. All of the great FM antennas of the past have been discontinued such as the Channel Master 3025 and the Winegard HD 6065.


Omnidirectional FM Radio Antenna >
The HD-6010 is designed for receiving signals in all directions. Compact design is recommended for city and suburban reception areas.



 TV Antenna Preamplifiers and Distribution Amplifiers





LNA 200 Boost XT Mast Mounted Preamplifier >
Instantly improve TV reception with a mast mounted TV antenna preamplifier/booster. Ultra Low Noise Preamplifier Delivers Ultimate Digital TV Picture and Sound Quality.


LNA 200 Preamplifier Review >
We tested both the Winegard AP 8700 and the new Winegard LNA 200 preamplifiers head to head using the EZ HD antenna as the reference antenna.


Preamplifier Basic Installation and Troubleshooting >
A properly installed TV antenna preamplifier can improve your TV reception. Learn how to select and install a TV antenna preamplifier. Choose the right preamplifier the first time.


Preamplifier Installation Page Two >
HDTV antenna amplifiers. What is signal overload? Do I really need a preamplifier? Are some preamplifiers better than others? 


TV Antenna Mast Mounted Amplifier >
I get weak signals. Will a mast mounted preamplifier help or do I need to look for a different TV antenna? 


TV Antenna Booster for TV >
The most important element of a TV antenna system is the antenna and a close second is the television antenna signal booster and the distribution system.


When and How to Use a Voltage Block with a Preamplifier >
How and why to use voltage blocks with your TV antenna preamplifier.


Distribution Amplifiers


The Best Distribution Amplifiers Available >
Quality distribution TV antenna signal amplifiers by Winegard. Winegard LNA 100, HDA 100 and HDA 200 TV signal distribution amplifiers.


The Difference Between a Preamplifier and Distribution Amplifier >
When and how to use a TV antenna preamplifier and or distribution amplifier. Proper signal amplification can improve digital TV reception and make a bad signal good.


Designing a TV signal Distribution System >
The most important element of a TV antenna system is the antenna and a close second is the signal distribution system. The distribution system transports the TV signal from the antenna to the TV.


Customer Cliff's Distribution System >
Let Cliff show you how he installed his distribution amplifier system. He successfully supplies strong TV signals to several TV locations from a single TV antenna.



TV Antenna Mounts and Hardware

Made in the USA Antenna Mounts and Hardware >
Quality, professional grade TV antenna roof mounts. Tripod mounts, Eave mounts, Chimney mounts. Wall Bracket mounts from 4" to 24". Made in the USA.


Tripod Mount >
The tripod TV antenna mount is the most popular antenna mount. Made in the USA our tripods provide extra strength and stability. You won't be dissipointed in the quality of these units.


How to Install a Tripod Mount >
Step by step instructions on how to properly install a TV antenna tripod mount. This advice is priceless to anyone installing a tripod.

Eave - Fascia Mount >
TV antenna eave mount is a sturdy non roof penetrating TV antenna mount. One of the most popular antenna mounts available. Made in USA.


How to Install an Eave Mount >
Step by step instructions and illistrations. How to properly install a TV antenna eave/fascia mount. The job is a lot easier if you follow these simple steps.


Eave Mount Question >
If I mount my antenna on the eave, is there a safe maximum limit I can go with on the mast?  I was considering maybe 10 feet above the top bracket of the eave mount.


Wall Bracket Mounts >
High quality, professional grade, TV antenna wall mounting brackets from 4 inches to 24 inches. Zinc plated to resist rust. Made in the USA.


TV Antenna Tower Mount >
The 25G antenna tower is a light weight galvanized tubular tower with solid braces. The tower sections can be guyed, but can also be used in bracketed and self-supporting applications.


Antenna Chimney Mount >
Each Kit has two brackets with two stainless steel 18 foot straps hold the TV antenna mast securely mounted to the chimney. Made in USA.


Chimney Mount Photo Gallery >
The Chimney mount photo gallery. View images provided by our customer's of chimney mount installations.


 Coax Cable


Custom Coax Cable and Accessories >
Use only high quality RG 6 solid copper coaxial cable. Custom lengths with watertight compression fittings and bulk available. Made in the USA.


How to Install Coax Cable Fittings >
Installing coax cable ends step by step procedure. Installing coax cable ends onto coax cable is rather simple once you get the hang of it.


TV Antenna System Wiring Kit >
A complete TV antenna wire kit including coax cable, ground wire, tools, connectors and fastener's.


Coax Cabling Tools >
Cut, strip and install coax cable fittings like a pro. Kit includes compression or crimp tool, cable cutters, one step strippers, 10 cable fittings.


TV Antenna Rotor


Channel Master 9521HD TV Antenna Rotor >
Channel Master 9521HD TV Antenna rotor. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


Rotor Installation Tips >
Rotor tips that can double or even triple the life of your TV antenna rotor. I have founds these simple and easy steps to be very effective.


 TV Antenna Recommendations by State and City


Select Your State >
Recommendations listed by City and State from across the United States. Get your own free expert TV antenna recommendation specific to your geographical location.

Alabama >


Arizona >


Marana AZ. Reception Report >


Phoenix AZ, Reception Reports >


Phoenix AZ TV Antenna Reception >


Surprise AZ Reception Report >


Arkansas >


Jonesboro AK TV Reception >


California >


California Page Two >


California Page Three >


California Page Four >


Los Angeles TV Antenna Reception >


Best TV Antenna for San Diego CA. >


Colorado >


Denver CO TV Antenna Reception >


Connecticut >


District of Columbia >


Florida >


Jacksonville FL TV Antenna Reception >


Fort Meyers FL TV Antenna Reception >


Miami FL TV Antenna Reception >


Orlando FL TV Antenna Reception >


Can't Get WESH TV Channel 2 Orlando >


Georgia >


Atlanta GA TV Antenna Reception >


Idaho >


Illinois >


Chicago IL TV Antenna Reception >


Chicago TV Antenna Reception Report >


Channel 2 CBS WBBM Reception Problems >


Indiana >


Iowa >


Marion/Cedar Rapids Iowa Reception Report >


Kansas >


Kentucky >


Louisiana >


New Orleans TV Antenna Reception >


Maine >


Maryland >


Massachusetts >


Boston MA TV Antenna Reception >


Michigan >


Detroit MI TV Antenna Reception >


TV Antenna Installation Service in Michigan >


Minnesota >


Minneapolis MN TV Antenna Reception >


Mississippi >


Jackson MS TV Antenna Reception >


Missouri >


Saint Louis MO reception Report >


Montana >


Nebraska >


Nevada >


New Hampshire >


New Jersey >


New Mexico >


New York >


New York City TV Antenna Reception >


North Carolina >


North Dakota >


Ohio >


TV Reception Cities of Ohio >


Sylvania OH Reception Report >


Trenton OH Reception Report >


Oklahoma >


Oregon >


Pennsylvania >


Rhode Island >


South Carolina >


Charleston SC TV Antenna Reception >


South Dakota >




Texas >


Houston TX TV Antenna Reception >


Dallas TX TV antenna Reception >


Austin TX TV Antenna Reception >


Plano TX reception report >


Port Arthur TX Reception Report >


Utah >


Virginia >


Norfolk/Virginia Beach TV Antenna Reception >


Williamsburg VA Reception Report >


Wisconsin >


Green Bay WI TV Antenna Reception >


Milwaukee WI TV Antenna Reception >


Racine WI Reception Report >


Rhinelander WI Reception Report >


Washington >


Wyoming >


 TV Antenna Reception for Cities in Florida



Clearwater FL. >


Tampa FL. >


St. Petersburg FL. >


Largo FL. >


Dunedin FL. >


Palm Harbor FL. >


Tarpon Springs FL. >


Holiday FL. >


Brandon FL. >


Lakeland FL. >


Winter Haven FL. >


Bradenton FL. >


Sarasota FL. >


Safety Harbor FL. >


Punta Gorda >


Port Charlotte FL. >


Cape Coral FL >


Bonita Springs FL. >


Naples FL. >


Kissimmee, FL. >


Williamsburg FL. >


Oakridge FL. >


Alpopka FL. >


Sanford FL. >


De Land FL. >


Deltona FL. >


Longwood FL. >


Winter Park FL. >


Altamonte Springs FL. >


Daytona Beach FL. >


Ovedo FL. >


Ocoee FL. >


Clermont FL. >


Titusville FL. >


Melbourne FL. >


Palm Bay FL. >


Fort Lauderdale FL. >


Lake Wales FL. >


 Best TV Antenna


Digital TV Antenna Selector >
The Digital TV Antenna Selector will guide you through a process that ultimately chooses the best outdoor digital TV antenna and accessories for your location


Best TV Antenna Test >
We tested 19 TV antennas to find the best TV antenna. Each antenna was tested under the same conditions to help insure accurate results.


Best TV Antenna for Local Channels >
Which TV antenna is best for local channels? Not all antennas are created equal. Learn how to choose the best antenna for your location.


Better VHF TV Reception >
How can I improve my VHF TV reception? Does VHF TV reception require a speacial TV antenna?


VHF TV Reception Interference >
How to use an AM radio to solve your VHF TV reception interference. Find the interference and you'll eliminate the problem.


No VHF TV Reception >
Why can't I get VHF TV reception? Nearly every antenna on the market today is designed for the reception of UHF and not VHF signals TV signals.


Best Long Range TV Antenna >
Get true long range TV antenna performance. Many antennas claim to be long range antennas but only a few truly provide long range reception. 


Best Digital TV Antenna >
The HD Stacker TV antenna offers the best digital TV antenna performance. Inch for inch no antenna will outperform the HD Stacker.


Best Deep Fringe TV Antenna >
When it comes to deep fringe TV antenna reception the HD Stacker antenna is one of the best. You won't be disappointed I guarantee it!


Best Outdoor TV Antenna >
The HD Stacker TV antenna is considered to be one of the best outdoor TV antennas on the market. A true high performance outdoor antenna made in the USA.


Best Digital TV Reception >
How to get better digital TV reception. Steps you can take to improve your digital TV reception and boost the signal.


Improving TV Reception >
My wife's parents currenly have a TV antenna that is able to receive fairly decent analog signals, but poor digital signals.What can we do to improve the TV signals?


What's the Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna? >
The best outdoor hdtv antenna is the one that works. If you live in rural America like me, you'll like the HD Stacker.

Best TV Antenna for My Area >
Buying and installing a TV antenna can be very rewarding or downright frustrating. How to choose the best antenna for my area.


 Ask Denny


Ask Denny Begins on the Home Page >
Topics, What to expect when I submit a TV antenna recommendation form. Signal amplification. Selecting my own antenna. Do your products come with directions? HOA restrictions can't be enforced. Preamplifier troubleshooting. HD Stacker antenna gain.  


Ask Denny Page Two >
Topics, HDTV antenna for my attic. TV antenna local reception. Shopping for an HDTV antenna. A simple antenna-presto TV. TV antenna selection.


Ask Denny Page Three >
Topics, Best TV antenna for Chicago HDTV reception. UN-hook the money sucking cable. Do it yourself TV antenna. TV antenna selection for HDTV.


Ask Denny Page Four >
Topics, HDTV and Directv. Otherwise known as "Marvin's page


Ask Denny Page Five >
Topics, Indoor TV antennas are hit and miss.
Multiple TV antennas and one downlead. Tripod TV antenna mount.


Ask Denny Page Six >
Topics, TV antenna for attic. I'm really interested in the rotorfree TV antenna. Dropping satellite and going to a TV antenna.


Ask Denny Page Seven >
Topics, TV Antenna Range & Old TV Antenna for Digital Reception.


Ask Denny Page Eight >
Topics, Choosing the correct TV Antenna for my needs.


Ask Denny Page Nine >
Topic, How to find and troubleshoot the cause of TV antenna electrical interference


HDTV Antenna Fact or Fiction >
HDTV antenna fact or fiction. Explore the facts and fiction surrounding so called HDTV antennas. Lets separate the facts from the fiction.

No Such Thing as an HDTV Antenna >
A timely article that can be found all over the Internet. Written by Eric Gov it warns of the misconseption of HDTV antennas.

Real vs. Virtual Channels >
The displayed broadcast TV channel number may not be the same as the real broadcast frequency in use by the TV station.


TV Antenna, Satellite or Cable? >
Are you being charged for free TV? The most popular channels are available on free TV using a TV antenna.


TV Antenna Help Center >
TV Antenna Help Center Tips and TV reception product guidelines. Detailed information for the do it yourself TV antenna installer.


Converting from Cable TV to a TV Antenna >
tv antenna, cable tv, wiring, reception, cable box, preamplifier, signal splitter, voltage block.


Coupling, Stacking and Joining Antennas >
I have a HD Stacker antenna, I am trying to talk a friend into one. He has a rotor but for some reason wont use it. Do you know if you can stack two or three antennas at 120 degree angles.


TV Antenna Coupler >
Efficiently combine any two TV antennas to the same coax cable down lead using the Winegard CC 7870 antenna coupler.


TV Reception Weakened by Wind and Weather >
Is wind causing poor digital TV reception? Steps you can take to improve digital TV reception during windy weather.


Everything Needed to Install a TV Antenna >
What parts do I need to install a TV antenna? I'm new to this. Can you tell me what else I need to buy to complete the installation?


TV Antenna Basic Installation >
TV antenna installation guidelines for better TV reception. TV antenna preamplifier, mount, rotor, cabling, grounding and much more including TV antenna installation diagram.


Guide to TV Antenna Installation >
Learn to install like a pro. It's all here, everything you need to know about installing a TV antenna.


Selecting a TV Antenna System >
How to select and install a quality TV antenna system. A step by step guide for the do-it-yourself TV antenna installer. 


Digital TV Reception >
Explore free digital TV reception (DTV) using a TV antenna.
The correct TV antenna and accessories are the key to better digital TV reception along with proper installation.


Will a TV Antenna Work Where I Live?
Find out what channels are available where you live and what
equipment is needed to receive these channels.


 "Oldie but a Goodie"


The Channel Master Installation Guide.

 I used this guide to start Denny's TV Antenna Service over 30 years ago.



Guide Index >
Provided by Channel Master and published years ago. This TV antenna installation guide is still very useful today.


Chapter one: TV Antenhna Selection >
"TV Antenna Selection" Provided by Channel Master and published years ago. This TV antenna selection guide is still very useful today.


Chapter two: Antenna Safe Installation >
"TV Antenna Safe Installation" 23 safety rules you should follow.


Chapter three: TV Antenna Rotors >
Rotors have changed a little since this was written but the basic rotor function is the same. Todays rotors can be operated using a remote control.


Chapter four: Tools, mast and Hardware >
Much of the hardware we still use today is the same. Cabling tools such as compression fitting tools.


Chapter Five: Preamplifier, the Mast Mounted Amplifier > 
The preamplifier, one of the best inventions since John Winegard decided to design and market a single antenna that could receive all channels. John Winegard founder of the Winegard Company was a pioneer in the field of developing antenna designs to meet the needs of the consumer.


Chapter Six: Antenna transmission line >
Of course this has changed a lot. We no longer use twin lead ribbon wire. It's been replaced with coaxial cable.


Chapter Seven: Antenna Grounding >
Grounding the antenna system has changed very little. A proper ground usually won't make the antenna work any better but it adds a degree of safety.


Chapter Eight: Guy Wires >
If you decide to guy your antenna I recommend using stainless steel aircraft cable. It's pricy but it won't rust away in 5 to 10 years.

Chapter Nine: Multi - Set Reception >
Yes, you can hook up multiple TVs to a single antenna. This is good basic information although some of it's outdated.

Chapter Ten: Antenna Troubleshooting >
This chapter is very useful. I did insert some updates where needed.

I want to know >
Fact based information pertaining to TV antennas, amplifiers, antenna mounts and digital TV reception without the hype.

Television Antenna >
While everyone else is designing television antennas that look good, we designed an antenna that works. Extreme performance television antenna.

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