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TV Antenna Signal Distribution Amplifier

TV antenna Distribution amplifiers are best used when installed as soon as they can be after the lead-in wire enters the building.

Distribution amplifiers should be installed inline ahead of any splitters and as much of the lead wire as possible. If a pre-amplifier is in use, the distribution amplifier goes on the TV side of the pre-amplifier power supply before any splitters. They are of little use when installed behind the TV. When possible a TV antenna pre-amplifier mounted at the antenna is a better choice to improve reception quality. On large antenna systems with multiple outlets a combination of a pre-amplifier and a distribution amplifier may be necessary for best results

Winegard LNA 100 TV antenna signal booster. Ideal for reception in rural weak signal areas HDA 100 TV antenna Distribution Amplifier HDA 200 TV antenna Distribution Amplifier

Winegard LNA 100
Signal Amplifier

This indoor amplifier increases range and delivers a crystal clear TV signal to HDTVs so viewers can get more broadcast TV channels in high definition than with an antenna alone. Using the latest advances in amplifier technology.

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 0.8″ x 1.5″
Minimize Pixelation and Dropouts
Receive More Channels
Gain (typical): 20 dB
Noise Figure (typical): 1dB
Power: +5V
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Winegard HDA-100
Signal Amplifier

Winegard HDA-100 a single RF input,
15dB gain, single RF output,
Frequency Range 54-1000MHz
Gain 15dB
Noise Figure 3dB

Cash and Carry
Price $54.00 

In Stock

Winegard HDA-200 

Signal Amplifier
Adjustable Gain Control

The HDA-200 has a single RF input, 24 dB gain,

0-18 dB gain control and 20 dB“switchable”

Frequency Range 54-1000MHz
Gain 24dB
Noise Figure 4.5 dB (at max. gain)

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Price $66.00

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