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Antenna Wiring Kit

Everything you need to cut, strip, ground, fasten and install an antenna wiring system.
All items are professional grade quality.

Save $29.73 off separate pricing when you buy the complete kit

Product Image Quantity Description

Coax cable wire strippers


Quantity 1


One Step coax cable wire strippers.

Stop using tools that weren't made for the job! This little tool will strip your coax cable perfectly every time.

It doesn't get any easier than this.


Coax cable cutters


Quantity 1

Coax Cable Cutters

With this coax cutter you get the perfect round cut every time!

This handy cable cutter will cut cable perfectly without crushing the cable.

100 feet coax cable


100 Feet

100 feet Solid Copper RG 6 Coax Cable


Solid copper center

Excellent flexibility

Superb signal transfer

25 year guarantee

Coax cable compression fitting


Quantity 12

Thomas & Betts Coax Cable
Compression Fittings

These PATENTED connectors are designed to provide a professional, secure, waterproof connection for coaxial cable. No need for rubber boots.

Reduces signal leakage and protects against water migration.

Compression Tool


Quantity 1

Compression Tool

Make weather tight professional connection every time.

This easy to use compression tool is made from hardened steel.

Screw clip coax cable fastener's


1 package of 18

Screw Clip Cable Fastener's

These handy fasteners securely and hold coax cable to just about any surface.

Screw clip cable fasteners are great for indoor or outdoor use

Zinc plated screw UV protected fastener

Ground wire


50 Feet

Solid Copper Ground Wire

10 gage 100% solid copper,rubber coated ground wire

Ground Rod


Quantity 1

Ground Rod

This 4 ft. ground rod can help protect your equipment from lightning induced power surges.

3/8" ground rod for use when grounding off-air antennas and satellite dishes. Includes pre-installed ground clamp.

Ground Block


Quantity 1

Coax Cable Ground Block

Installs on the coax cable antenna down lead line before it enters the structure.

Protects against power surges

Zinc plated

Ground strap


Quantity 1

9" UL Listed Ground Strap

Create a solid ground to just about any size pipe.

Attached set screw allows you to connect the ground wire to the strap.

Works great for grounding antenna mast Etc...

Ground wire cable fastener


1 package of 18

Ground Wire Screw Clip Fastener

1/2" screw - 18 per package

Made from pliable UV-stabilized polyethylene

Won't constrict, nip, or damage cable

Electrical black tape


1 60 foot roll

3M Black Electrical Tape

Great for securing cabling to mast pipe etc

UL approved black electrical tape.

UV protected, Cold and sunlight resistant. 3/4" X 60'

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