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Free to air digital TV service is now available to 98% of U.S. population.
Provided by local TV stations this free service offers the viewer all of the top rated programs, along with news, weather, sports, children's programming and more... In most cases all the consumer needs to take advantage of this free service is a small antenna, coax cable and a digital TV set or a set top tuner. There's never a monthly bill and the service is reliable even in a wake of a hurricane or other natural disaster's

Every major City in the United States now offers hundreds of free programming choices. These TV stations provide crystal clear 100% digital format and full 1080i high definition with 5.1 digital surround sound when available. If you haven't experienced free to air broadcast HDTV check it out. The comments we hear most are ..."I can't believe how good the picture is when compared to my cable TV service"..

Below is a guide to free to air broadcast TV stations listed by City. By clicking on a City below you'll find a reception availability map to all free to air local broadcast TV stations, programming schedules and much more.